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Break & Enter

The reality is that break and enters can have a huge impact on the victim, whether they were home or not.  Not only do you lose property items or have to repair property items that were damaged (which is a nuisance to say the least, not to mention expensive at times), many people are left to deal with strong feelings of anger, fear and a sense of personal violation. A sense of safety is a necessity for moving forward in life.  When a person feels unsafe they have a difficult time learning new things, participating in everyday life events and reciprocating in a relationship.  Any event that rocks our sense of safety, justice, fairness and equality in the world can leave us feeling a little unsure.  An event that for all intents and purposes, appears targeted specifically to us (as someone breaking into our home sure seems to be), can amplify that sense of danger and feelings of unease to levels that we may not be expecting.

On this resource page are a list of publications and links to provide you with information on break & enter.  Some of the links are to our own work and some are to other community groups.  Since we are a Lanark based organization, community links are mostly for organizations in that catchment area.  

For further information about this topic, please email info@victimserviceslanark.ca


Break & Enter Guide

Planning for your safety

Distress Line

Lanark, Leeds & Grenville Legal Clinic

Mental Health Crisis Line

Victim Witness Assistance Program

Victim Support Line

Safety Planning for the Home