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How to Help

Victim Services is a transfer payment agency from the Ministry of the Attorney General’s office.  What that means is that we are given a small pot of money and have to make it last for the year regardless of what happens or community need.  Rules and regulations from the Ministry, while necessary most of the time, can be strict and they don’t always meet the need especially in rural areas.  In Lanark County we don’t have things like mass pubic transportation, so even something as seemingly little as mileage for our teams to respond can come up to quite a bit.  Some programs, while developed specifically for the community do not receive any funding.  

We accept a variety of in-kind donations through things like quilts, donations for on-line auctions, donations for Christmas baskets, volunteer hours and third-party fundraising events.  If you have an item that you wish to donate or are interested in hosting an event on behalf of Victim Services, please email fundraising@victimserviceslanark.ca and one of us will be in touch to discuss further.

Below is a list of how we might use fundraising dollars and the costs associated with providing services.  

  • $20.00 Kit supplies / items volunteers carry with them and often leave behind with victims.
  • $25.00 may be used to pay for volunteer expenses such as a volunteer shirt or carry bag needed prior to responding on-scene.
  • $30.00 may be used towards mileage costs for one team member to respond on-scene to a call.
  • $40.00 may be used to purchase personal care items for a victim who is left temporarily homeless and / or without needed supplies like toothpaste and a toothbrush
  • $50.00 may go towards a grocery store gift card to pay for food for an individual or family in need.  
  • $60.00 may go towards a team of two volunteers to provide a home safety audit and / or a safety kit for a senior who is looking to keep themselves safe from others.  This program is not supported financially by the Ministry and is solely reliant on fundraising dollars!  To learn more about this unique program, click here <- link to Senior Safety Team page).
  • $75.00 may pay for three gas cards to enable a victim of crime to get to and from medical and therapy appointments as needed.  
  • $100.00 may go towards a replacement cell phone and phone card for high risk victims whose phones have been destroyed or apprehended as evidence in domestic violence and sexual violence cases.
  • $150.00 may pay one night’s emergency lodging for a victim of crime or tragedy that is left temporarily homeless due to their situation.
  • $200.00 may pay for specialized training on safety planning for three volunteers
  • $250.00 may pay for volunteer appreciation gifts to be given out yearly at our appreciation dinner.
  • $500.00 may help towards the costs of bringing in a presenter to help provide specialized training to all volunteers and staff.